HFO SERVICES (www.hafizfurqanofficial.com) Provides One-On-One Online Quran Classes and Islamic Education Services. You can Learn Qaidah, Tajweed, Qirat, Recitation, Translation of the Quran, Arabic Language, Salah, and Islamic Studies from grade 01 to grade 12 Students.
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The Five Years Syllabus at a Glance


Qir’atul Quran

beginning with Alif, Baa, Taa up to the complete recitation of the Quran.

Hifzus Surahs

Ta’awwuz, Tasmiyah, Suratul Faatihah and Twenty-One Surahs (Suratud Duha to Suratun-Naas) and Aayatul Kursi and a lot more.


Du’aa and Sunnah

Duaas for thirty-eight actions and the Sunnah Practices of Thirteen activities (Sunnah way of Eating, Drinking, Sleeping, Visiting the Masjid, Home, Toilet, etc.

Hifzul Hadeeth

Forty Ahadeeth with Translation, according to the five broad branches of Deen (Imaaniyaat, Ibaadaat, Mu’aamlaat, Mu’aasharah and Akhlaaqiyaat.

Aqaa’id and Masaa’il

Aqaa’id (Beliefs)

Five Kalimas, Al-Imani Mujmal, Al-Imani Mufassal, and the Basic Beliefs every Muslim must have conviction in, such as Allah, Nabi Muhammad ﷺ , the divine books, angles, the hearafter, etc.


Complete Salaah with all relevant Duaas, together with the manner of performing and leading six other salaahs, such as the Witr salaah, salaah of the ill, Jumu’ah salaah, traveller’s salaah, etc. The Salaah should be taught practically and students are to be monitored.

Al Asmaa-ul-Husna

The ninety-nine descriptive names of Allah.

Masaa’il (Rules) 

The necessary rules of cleanliness and salaah, such as ghusl, wudhu, the Faraa’idh of salaah, the Waajibaat of Salaah, etc. A brief introduction of Zakaah, fasting and Hajj has also been given.

Islamic Upbringing

Islamic Knowledge

One hundred and ten Questions and answers regarding the important facts of Islaam, Islaamic personalities and historyical places.

Speech and Du’aa

Five Speeches and Five Duaas from the Quran.


Brief life history of Nabi Muhammad ﷺ and the four rightly guided Khulafaa (Abu Bakr R.A, Umar R.A, Uthman R.A, and Ali R.A.

Deen Made Easy

Forty lessons on the five broad branches of deen, (Imaaniyaat, Ibaadaat, Mu’aamlaat, Mu’aasharah and Akhlaaqiyaat for the religious upbringing of our children.



Arabic numbers and words for things used on a daily bases, Islaamic Months and Days and the Names of limbs of the body.


Beginning with Alif, Baa, Taa up to developing the ability to read and write.

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About Us


HFO SERVICES (www.hafizfurqanofficial.com) is Founded by Hafiz Furqan Ahmed in 2021. Hafiz Furqan Ahmed is an Online Quran Tutor and Trainer since 2015. he completed his Hifz Certification from Jamia Darul Uloom Korangi Karachi in 2009 and then he completed his graduation from Karachi University.

Hafiz Furqan Ahmed is An online Quran Tutor, Trainer, Freelancer and Affiliate with different programs.

Hafiz Furqan Ahmed Manages Online Quran and Academic Education Services at HFO SERVICES (www.hafizfurqanofficial.com). HFO Services has an effective and unique Five years online Quran and Islamic studies Syllabus for our Students. After this Programme you do not need to go anywhere else to Learn Quran and About the Basics of Islam. We Teach Online Quran, Salah and Islamic Studies in an easy and effective way via zoom meeting or skype with the uses of Whiteboard explanations. We Focus on Teaching Five Main Subjects of Islam.

1) Quran (Qaa’idah – Naazrah – Hifz – Translation – Tafseer)

2) Hadeeth (Dua and Sunnah)

3) A’qaa’id and Masaa’il (Beliefs and Salah)

4) Islamic Upbringing (Islamic Knowledge – Speech and Seeratun Nabi ﷺ)

5) Language (Arabic – Urdu)

We assure you of our best services at all times. Best Female Instructors are also available in the academy for the Online Quran and Academic Education Services.

Under the supervision of Hafiz Furqan Ahmed, we offer the Best Online Courses and Syllabus that will boost your Iman and make your life Knowledgeable and peaceful and give you succeed in the Aakhirah.

HFO SERVICES also provides best Freelance Services and Affiliate with Different Programs.



Admission Process

Your Satisfaction is important for Us This is why Before enrolling in any course. We will provide you with 3 Days Free Trial Class. in case you won’t satisfied then you don’t pay for it.

to Enroll in any course is super easy and secure you just need to fill out a Google Course Registration form.

After the Registration, our team will contact you in three working days. in case of getting no response within three working days then you will contact us on our Cell Phone Number or send us an Email.

After Registration is Approved by the Admin, your Trial Class journey will begin with us.

Happy Learning!


Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum is easy and reliable. it has designed for all grades and levels. anyone who is 4 years of age or above can learn with our curriculum. it is super easy and exciting.

to get the curriculum and syllabus Books of our academy for each course and Subject  you can send us an Email.

We will Verify and send the curriculum and Syllabus books directly to your email Absolutely Free.



Our Programs

we offer online Quran and Academic Education courses for All grades.

in these Courses Students can learn Qaidah, Tajweed, Salah, Duas and Hadith, Basic Islamic Knowledge, Quran Nazrah, Quran Recitation, Quran Hifz (Memorization), Quran Translation, Quran Tafseer, Quran Understanding Course in Easy way, Islamic Studies from grade 1 to Grade 12 Students, Books for Kids, Book for Boys, Book for Girls, Book for Adults. You can talk with our experts on different Islamic Masaa’il and Questions.

HFO SERVICES (www.hafizfurqanofficial.com) also Affiliates with Subject Specialists Tutors for Teaching Different Academic Subjects Such as Math, Computer, and etc.


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Call us Monday to Saturday at any time between 03:00 pm to 06:00 am Pakistan Standard Time (PST).

You Can Follow us on Social Media, Subscribe to our Newsletter and YouTube Channel for getting Authentic and reliable Education blogs and videos.

Our Main Courses and Subjects

Do You Want To Have Greater Reach in your Islamic Learning Journey?

05 Years Islamic Course

Anyone can do it. it’s a Five Years Syllabus for All.


Basic Qaidah & Foundation Book

Quran Reading

Read Quran Fluently with Tajweed easily.


Basic to Advance Tajweed with Practical

Quran Memorization

Hifz/Memorize the Whole Quran or Some Chapters.

Duas & Hadith

Memorize the 40+ Everyday Duas & Hadith.


Learn How to offer Daily Salah and Stuff.

Islamic Studies

Islamic Studies & History for 1-12 Grade Pupil.



Do you Provide Female Tutors for Female Students?

Yes, we provide female tutors for female students but it totally depends on the availability of the female tutors and fees will be little high than our normal packages. sometimes we will take a week or two to provide you your desire Tutors so thanks for the patience.

How Much do Female Tutors Charge

Female tutors will charge $60 for 3 Days lesson in week and $100 for 5 Days lesson in a week for each student.

What if Student will miss any lesson?

We will provide you the Make up Days for the missed classes but it will be depended on the availability.

How to Pay?

Students can pay us through PayPal Account, or directly deposit into our Bank Account that admin will provide you and you can also pay us through money exchange companies like Western Union, MeneyGram, Ria and etc.

Do I pay Weekly or Monthly basis?

You will Pay us on Monthly basis. we do not accept weekly payments. the due date of the payments will be 1st to 10th Days of Each month.

Do I get the Monthly Progress Reports or Certificates

Yes, we will provide you Monthly Progress Reports and Certificates on completion of Each Course but additional Charges will be applied.

Can I Reschedule my Class at anytime?

Yes, you can reschedule your class time and days but it depends on the tutors availabilty.

Do I get any Discount on my monthly fee?

yes, you can get the 10% Discount on your monthly fee if you will refer us more students. Terms and conditions are applied.

What is the Duration of each Class

Each class duration  will be 20 to 30 minutes long.

How can i have the class online?

simply you have to download the skype or teacher will send you zoom meeting link before your lesson

Do you have any Refund Policy?

for now, we don’t have it because we do not ask you for any advance payment but soon will provide the Refund Policy as well in case of no satisfaction.

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