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HFO SERVICES is a reputable online platform that provides high-quality Quran classes for female students. Our online Quran classes are designed to provide a convenient and flexible way for women to learn the Quran from the comfort of their homes. We offer a range of courses tailored to the needs of our female students, including Quran memorization, Quran reading, Quran translation, Tajweed, Salah, and Islamic Knowledge.

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About Us

since 2021

www.hafizfurqanofficial.com is Founded by Hafiz Furqan in 2021. HFO SERVICES (www.hafizfurqanofficial.com) is an online education and freelance service provider. We are established with aim of teaching online Quran and other education such as Language Courses, Computer and IT, and Digital Marketing.


Our Mission

We aim to teach online Quran all across the world


Our Vision

Our vision is to make Quran Learning journey easy for everyone.

Our Services

Experts In Every Subject

We teach online Qaida (Foundation book), Tajweed-ul-Quran from Basic to Advance level, Quran Recitation, and Translation, Salah, Duas and Hadith, and Islamic studies.




Salah & Islamic Studies

We assure you of our best services at all times. Best Female Instructors are also available in the academy for the Online Quran and Academic Education Services.




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Learn From The Comfort of Home!

Online Tutoring

Learn Online From The Comfort of Home! Looking for a way to improve your Islamic knowledge? Join an online class today! There are many online classes available to help you learn Quran and Islam. You can learn from the comfort of your home and still have access to the resources and support of a female tutors for female students.

News & Resources

Introducing Azkaarul Salah Course Online

Introducing Azkaarul Salah Course Online

As Muslims, prayer is one of the fundamental pillars of our faith. It is a spiritual connection that we establish with our Lord, and it holds great importance in our lives. Prayer is not just about reciting verses or performing certain physical movements, but it is...

Important Ramadan Duas Series

Important Ramadan Duas Series

Learn and read the important Ramadan duas like Keeping Fast Dua, Intention for Keeping Fast, After Iftar Dua, and Learn More.....!01) Keeping Fast Dua     02) Intention for Keeping Fast     03) After Iftar Dua (When Breaking Fast Dua...

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Still Confuse! well, I can understand there are a lot of academies offering online Quran and other educational Services, and some are working very well we know but here at www.hafizfurqanofficial.com you will have the best experience ever. we are sure. Just Get Started with Trial lessons and you will feel the difference Soon in sha Allah.

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