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www.hafizfurqanofficial.com is Founded by Hafiz Furqan Ahmed in 2021. HFO SERVICES (www.hafizfurqanofficial.com) is an online Quran and Islamic Education Academy,

HFO SERVICES (www.hafizfurqanofficial.com) Provides Education Services, Freelance services, and Affiliates with different programs.

We established with aim of teaching online Quran and other education Such as Language Courses, Computer Courses, and Digital Marketing Courses.

HFO SERVICES (www.hafizfurqanofficail.com) also provides you with the best freelance services like graphic designing, web development, social media post designs, etc.

HFO SERVICES has affiliated with different programs. We will provide you best Affiliate Services and Digital Marketing Tools.

We assure you of our best services at all times. Best Female Instructors are also available in the academy for the Online Quran and Education Services.

Under the supervision of Hafiz Furqan, we offer the Best Online Quran and Islamic Studies Courses that will boost your Knowledge and make your life peaceful and give you success in the Aakhirah In sha Allah.

More About HFO SERVICES (www.hafizfurqanofficial.com)

Hafiz Furqan Ahmed is an Online Quran Tutor, Trainer, Freelancer, and Affiliate with different services and digital marketing tools. He completed his Hifz Certification from Jamia Darul Uloom Korangi Karachi in 2009 and then he completed his graduation from Karachi University.

Hafiz Furqan Ahmed Manages Online Quran and Islamic Education Services at HFO SERVICES (www.hafizfurqanofficial.com). We have an effective and unique Five years online Quran and Islamic studies Syllabus for our Students. After this syllabus, you do not need to go anywhere else to Learn the Quran and About the Basics of Islam. We Teach Online Quran, Salah, and Islamic Studies in an easy and effective way via zoom meetings or Skype with the use of Whiteboard explanations. We Focus on Teaching Five Main Subjects of Islam.

1) Quran (Qaa’idah – Naazrah – Hifz – Translation – Tafseer)

2) Hadeeth (Dua and Sunnah)

3) A’qaa’id and Masaa’il (Beliefs and Salah)

4) Islamic Upbringing (Islamic Knowledge – Speech and Seeratun Nabi ﷺ)

5) Language (Arabic – Urdu).

Why Choose Us?

Learn At Home 24/7 from anywhere

we are teaching Online so you can have your lessons at any time from anywhere in the world because we are available 24/7.


Learning Materials and Worksheets.

We will provide you with the best and completely practical guides and Worksheets so you will be able to understand the effortlessly.


Quality Control

we will give you access to Hafiz Furqan WhatsApp and telegram group so you can tell him your concern directly in the group. We will fix any problem as soon as possible.

Expert Tutors

We are building a team of Expert Tutors. And Course Plans for different educational services so you will never face problems in your learning journey with us. You can learn and understand effortlessly with the help of experienced and certified tutors without any language hurdles.

No Chance of missing lessons

This is a completely online learning platform so you can have your lessons from anywhere, at any time. We have electricity and internet backups so you will not face this kind of issue with us. Also, we provide you with the recording of each lesson on skype 

Strong Community

We will establish a Strong students and teachers community to learn the Quran and other educational services online with no hesitation at any time from anywhere.  besides that, we will provide you with the best freelance services for different kinds of businesses.

Our Focus

We know that is hard to encourage yourself and your kids to have the Quran lesson every day so our main focus is to teach nicely and politely as well as provide the best content to our students so they like it and are never absent from their classes. This is how we encourage them to get motivated with their online classes. students normally hesitate to ask their questions so we focus on the issue as well. we encourage them to ask their questions with the experts live in the class or offline in the group because we believe when students will ask then they will already have learned 50% of their lessons. Our main goal is your satisfaction whether is online education or freelance services.


  • Quran & Islamic Education Services
  • Other Educational Services
  • Freelance Services

Let’s Make Together

Still Confuse! well, I can understand there are a lot of academies offering online Quran and other educational Services, and some are working very well we know but here at HFO SERVICES (www.hafizfurqanofficial.com), you will have the best experience ever. we are sure. Just Get Started with Trial lessons and you will feel the difference Soon in sha Allah!.

Explore our Freelance services and check our portfolio page. Work with us you will not get disappointed. Just hit the button below. 

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