Learning the Quran is a way for Muslims to strengthen their faith and understand the religion’s teachings. Many people learn the Quran by listening to audio lessons or reading books online. However, there are other ways to learn the Quran. For example, you can learn from videos and from apps on your phone or computer. You can also learn from a private teacher, Or you’re learning with a group. Learning the Quran is easier when you have access to many different learning sources. However, you should pick one or two sources at once in order to not be confused with different kinds of learning methods and sources.

The HOLy Quran

The Quran is a collection of revelations received by Muhammad peace be upon him over decades. Muhammad’s peace be upon him received these revelations while he was in Mecca, which is in modern-day Saudi Arabia. After receiving his first revelation, Muhammad’s peace was upon him and his companions migrated to Medina. During that time, Muhammad’s peace be upon him continued to receive revelations, which he then recorded. This is called the Quranic text as it contains all of the Quran’s teachings and revelations from Allah. Afterward, Muhammad’s ﷺ companions wrote down what Muhammad ﷺ had said and compiled the Quran into book form. Today, there are many different translations of the Quran, each translated from Arabic into another language.

The ways of Learning Quran Online

The Quran can be learned by listening to audio lessons or reading books online. However, learning the Quran this way is difficult compared to learning it through videos or apps. Anyone can learn the Quran this way- not just spiritually devout Muslims who are committed to learning their religion. People can also learn the Quran by reading it in a book or using an app on their phones. The only requirement is that you have access to something that allows you to read/listen to the Quran.

Learning the Quran online is far more effective

Most people learn about their religions through listening to lessons or reading books about them. However, it’s much easier to learn about your religion when you have an app or computer nearby. Plus, if you’re learning with a group, it’s easy to gain support and help from others when learning about your religion. Learning the Quran online is far more effective than other methods since it allows you to learn at your own pace and interact with teachers and peers alike.

The benefit of Learning Quran Online

One benefit of learning the Quran online from a video series like this one is that it helps you become independent. You can easily access your Quran or religious lessons whenever and wherever you want without needing someone else present to explain them to you. Plus, this makes it easier for you to interact with Allah directly as you’ll be able to ask Allah for help when studying your holy book; Allah will hear your prayers and guide you through difficult lessons whenever he wants. however, you need an expert Quran tutor at the end to listen to your Quran and tell you the things that are not correct.

The downside of learning the Quran online

Learning the Quran is far more effective when you study it online versus other methods such as listening lessons or books. This is because learning resources are easily accessible anytime, anywhere- unlike physical items such as books that must be sourced and held by humans. The only downside of learning online is that it’s harder to connect with teachers directly while learning because of tight schedules or sometimes fees issues or can’t to find good Quran tutors; however,


Now, this isn’t a significant drawback since we have created the only learn Quran, online Class, by Class video lessons playlist on YouTube for beginners. and the good part is that it’s absolutely free. The only thing is that you need to watch one class every day and understand the basic rules of Qaidah and it will help you to recite the Quran from its Arabic Uthmani scripts. Moreover, if you do not understand anything in the lesson you can ask us directly in the comments or contact us. we will be glad to hear from you.

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